The best studying apps and tools

There are a ton of apps for studying, playing, watching, listening or helping to know when your period surprise you. Okay, I didn’t suppose to write the last part, but yeah it’s cool. Rather than having the addicting games, it’s better that having pretty useful and cool studying apps which do you a favor to study more productive; smarter and probably without studying. Just kidding. My iPhone filled with useless, time-wasting /but cool/ games before, but once I’m a big girl, I considered I should fill my phone with study apps I researched. Then little things altered, such as I became more confident with my grades, I didn’t need tutors to help my grades, Oh and it’s funny. So let’s know those incredible apps, shall we?

THe Best Studying.png

Istudiez Pro


Ooh, this app helped me a lot. It has been reminding about next week’s, this week’s assignments and, homeworks. You’ll know what lessons you have tomorrow, when is it, and you can manage your classes if you’re a teacher. Good for productivity and organization.


Learning language is easy, and funny when you have duolingo. Learning language is becoming a really great skill, isn’t it? And There are a few people who doesn’t know duolingo, or learning language without duolingo. It’ll keep you addicted to the learning, comes every day to keep your streak. Believe me, you’ll have fun with it 😉


Whether you’re endeavoring to memorize new words or difficult informations,  stick with quizlet. I have been using this for 2 years, I guess, It has also myriad of prepared flashcards sets for you. I didn’t bother myself to make SAT flashcards, I just searched and ‘oh there you are!!!’ You can share flashcards with your whoever, listen to pronunciations on 18 other languages/wtf/, enhance your studying with audio and pictures. If you’re a language learner, what are you waiting for? download it.



Wunderlist app is designed to help you stay organized, productive to make you an amazing to do list.It’s not very complicated, or very simple, and available on both your computer and phone. You can also create lists for sort your todo’s for home, school, work or whatever you want. The list would show very neat, organized and clear on your lock screen with a cute ding! sound. Oh, don’t search everywhere your todo’s, it’s right here. is awesome, too.


Honestly, who loves math? I don’t. But this app made it easier than I imagined. With photomath, it will recognize the problem and solve it, at the end you can see it step by step. Or you can type it, or it will even read your handwriting which is pretty awesome. (But write clearly, okay?)

iTunes U


It’s really, really, really cool. You can choose from more than 1 million free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on thousands of subjects from leading educational and cultural institutions around the world including Yale, Oxford, MIT and many more.

Other best tools, websites, apps I highly recommend :

Grammarly. I started using Grammarly recently, but it’s my best friend which helps write error-free essays, articles, and many others. If your grammar is not perfect as me, it’ll be a great tool for you. I started using premium version, and now here I am, can’t even write posts, papers, essays and other things without this tool.

Evernote. It’s kinda todo list app with high quality. It’ll be confusing to use at first, but if you use it repeatedly, a helpful app for note-taking, planning, and organizing your lectures, notebook, papers, and projects.

30/30. As a Pomodoro, it app helps me stay focused, productive. You stay focused 30 minutes learning, studying, and breakup, again 30 minutes. I tried it on my own and the result was amazing, I finished multiple things without even realizing.

That’s it. I hope this article was helpful for your studying and learning adventure. These are my own uses, and I can say you can try those apps above. If one of those apps helped you, amazing! Come and tell me thank you! to inspire me to write more and more. Because I think I’m falling in love with writing. Meanwhile, do your work and study hard! Cause I’m watching you 😉


p.s : don’t make your phone gaming world. It’s your life, make it efficient. Ok? I really tried to keep my post simple and concise, I’m a learner, So I hope you’ll fathom my writing style and others. Yeah, many people once told me I write annoyingly, but who said I’ll give up?



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