20 little things to be grateful for




Hello again !

Sometimes life is tough and lousy, but you shouldn’t miss the bright, shiny and colorful side of your life. Admit it, life is colorful and happy, and a myriad of things create these colors to our lives. These pillars of our lives are things seems minuscule, but we really should be grateful for these. Sometimes they left unnoticed, oh darling, but really, you should be proud of these and feel ecstatic as I really covet.

1. Sense of sight

I cannot imagine my life without seeing the colors and beauties of our world,greens of trees and grass, blues of a sky, lights of your smile and so on.

2. Sense of taste

Oh! Nutella’s marvelous taste is awesome! chocolate, soft cupcakes, and your mother’s yummy supper and lollipops. The meaning of eating is actually feeling the delicious taste besides eat to live, right? We’re pretty lucky!

3. Sense of hearing

At the moment, I’m listening “little mix- black magic” as writing my post. I’m obsessed with bright songs! Those songs always make my day. Without sense of hearing, we wouldn’t listen. Say thank you!

4. Sense of touch

Thank you for my sense of touch giving the chance to touch the hands of my loved one’s, the snow, the shaft of sunlight, and the drops of rain…

5. Internet

Thank you for this huge guy keeping me alive, for connecting me with my beautiful readers, for giving me chance to open my mind and read tons of information. I’d be monkey without you 😉

6. Other organs of my body

Thank you for my mind keeping my memories, helps to find solutions, and think straightly. My lungs make me breathe, my heart helps me to fall in love :”), and legs, hands and all of the things.

7. Your parents

Thanks for sent me these great people to understand me, love me, take care of me, make me laugh, make me feel full of my life and their greatness are endless.

8. Books

Thank you for being my best friend, and never left me alone. With books, I’d never feel poverty and alone.

9. Challenges

For make me endure, but finally, help me grow, improve myself, and become a better person. Without life’s challenges life would be boring, and you would be the same person as 5 years ago.

10. Sunrise

For remind me the fresh start and new day’s new success, new smile. Make me forget about yesterday’s mistake and giving me chances to begin new challenges.

11. People who love you more than anything

Your best friends, family, your teacher, your siblings, and everyone who always there for you, hug you, make you laugh, make you feel energetic and be grateful for having them in your life.

12. Sweets

Yaay, sweets are always there for you, they never judge you about your weights and they are as yummy mummy as you. Don’t forget that you’re quite lucky to eat all of ’em. Chocolate, yogurts, cupcakes, and soft smoothies…

13. Time

How could we do all of these things without enough time, huh? Thanks Time for giving us a valuable opportunity to enjoy our lives.

14. Tears

Thank you for helps me express my emotions. We, all, couldn’t pass those hard days without tears. We, all, also, couldn’t remember those ecstatic moments without shed tears.

15. Friday night

Remember the days you went crazy on Friday night. Let’s forget about parties and just remember Friday nights gave you chances to have fun alone, or extra days without school.

16. Electricity

How can we live without electricity? Internet connections, lights, chargers, tons of crucial things are work based on electricity. Thanks for keeping my life more bright with your miracle, electricity!

17. Words

How can we write thank you notes, good books, novels, letters, and blog posts without words? It seems simple, but with words, we can impact others, and words are capable of making huge changes in someone’s life. That’s why I love the word “Think before say.”

18.  Good coffees

Your friendly morning friend, coffee. Thank you coffees, and people who make them for help me to start a fresh, energetic morning with coffee. How would you imagine your life without it?

19. Appearance

Beautiful hair, beautiful body and other little things in my appearance, Thank you! They keep us confident in ourselves, give us great, positive feelings and thoughts. Regardless of our shortcomings, we are all beautiful.

20. House to clean

I don’t mean huge castle, I don’t mean maids to clean. I mean your little messy home, and you! a lazy girl who don’t like clean, but in the end, you always have no choice. I only live in the flat, but I am grateful for having such a great, warm home with comfortable bed. I hate cleaning, but it means always I’m grateful for my home.

Feeling good? Yeah, me too. In our life, we have too many things to grateful for. We occasionally forget them, but there are still there, being unnoticed. If you be more aware of those, you’ll know you have brilliant life, girl. Just enjoy your tiny life with good people (including me), and have fun. Being grateful is subsistence of our lives.









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