How to stay organized in college

Hello, Lovely!

Sometimes you can’t find your notes and other supplies among your messy room or studying area. Sometimes you don’t understand and become bewildered about what exactly are you studying? Also, being and studying in that kind of circumstances easily turn all of the motivation off. If this pictures your present situation, this post is for you!


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I’ve been a pretty organized person. There’s no way that I can sleep with leave my desk messy with piled assignments, papers and other things up. But you should keep in mind that come up with staying organized in your college is not as easy as eating cake. Hence, I can definitely say that being organized will make your life pretty good changes, and your future.

Trying to stay organized is painless, whereas consistently staying organized is difficult. This is absolutely difficult. Yeah, darling, you have to try hard to keep that organized habit in your life, but the benefits are ENDLESS.  For example, if you start staying organized in your life : /it’s potentially a long list, but I wrote just important benefits;)/

  • You’ll have more free time. That’s the best part;). As staying organized in college, I always have free time to spend time with my friends and my family.
  • Bye bye Stress!. You will be definitely stressed when you’re trying to organize and distribute notebook and textbooks and study over ’em. I was. But if you ready to welcome “organized” in your life, you’ll say bye bye to “stress”.
  • Colossus productivity. Well, sometimes you try to study without staying organized, after all of that stress and hard work, you don’t see any productivity. What’s the point of studying if there’s no result? Nonetheless, staying organized will inspire you, and it will help you get sh*t done without stressing yourself.
  • Exhilarating motivation. Ta-da! Motivation is the crucial thing of studying and working as I suggest you. Also, the 50% of my motivation comes from the organized life. The clean desk, colorful highlighters, dazzling planner and planned assignments not piled. The remained 50% probably comes from my food, oh I love fooods very much.


So here are my little-known tips for staying organized in college:

Keep planner

Everywhere. Not literally everywhere, but planner is the number one tool and a must-have thing for staying organized. I had multiple types of planners during my college years, and I loved The Happiness Planner most.

Planning is helpful, yet it is confusing sometimes. So make sure to choose the right one for you.

Pick up and clean up

 Well, it wasn’t very annoying to listen our mothers mumbling and lecturing about clean your room, clean your desk and blah blah. No, no, I’m not trying to lecture you, again.  But this tip absolutely works for me. I have suddenly no motivation for studying on a sloppy desk, yet this is so distracting and stressful.

By the time you’re bored or have a free time, put some good song and clean your desk. I swear; it won’t take whole time as it looks. After you clean, make sure to capture the photo, and always remind yourself.


Make a not-to-do list 

We know what is to-do-list. But what the hell is a not-to-do list? Well, is very plain; we write the things we must do that day, and we’ll write must not do things for that day on our the not-to-do list. For instance, I write not to wander facebook, Instagram and you know, a myriad of things, also you can write the bad habit you wanna give up.

Throughout our lives, we have endless to-do lists and plans to achieve. Indeed, we have tons of things to get done today, tomorrow and literally till we die. So what’s the point of repeating and doing and endeavoring to achieve ’em every day? No, I’m not saying don’t have a to-do list. But the most people’s success is beating their bad habits, and bad actions every day. That’s it. It’s the ability to avoid distractions in order to focus on accomplishing the things that matterFor example, my not-to-do list :

  1. Don’t spend too much time in social media.
  2. Don’t watch TV shows till you finish your studying
  3. Don’t procrastinate for doing something to your goal
  4. Don’t eat too much junk foods.
  5. Don’t drink less water.

Use inspirational quotes

The quotes are supposed to inspire ourselves and to give wisdom. Sometimes when I scrolling down Pinterest or Instagram, there are lots of gleeful, exhilarating and adorable quotes looking at me as saying save me up! So I save lots of quotes and I occasionally make my own inspirational board as a great indulgence of mine.

When I first get up from my bed, the quotes always encourages me to do more and give the best energy of the morning as mentally. I am always thankful for them. One of my favorites :

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.

-Oprah Winfrey

Decorate or change your room into pretty and creative

Yay, we are creative students. Wait, what? What does being  creative mean? Well, being creative means taking risks, ignoring doubts, and facing fears. /thank you google!/. You have to do something more different, break the routine of you and start creating something you love. It can be drawing, painting, and writing or singing. So what is your love? Do it and make environment too.

For example, as a writer/Nah,/ I usually put some quotes to inspire me, books to give me an idea, cute planners, and notebooks to remind me “Hey, write!”. If you’re a photographer,  hang some photos you shoot up and so on. What I am trying to mean is don’t live in the tedious condition, find something you are passionate about, or just inspire you by decorating your room, infuse it with whimsy energy. Just remember life has good sides too.


You are not an automatic machine or robot. You are a human, infused with mingled emotions, daydreams, thought, and imaginations. You become happy, because of emotions, not because of objects. So, after doing a hard work and became an organized person (at least tried;)) reward yourself. Go shopping, buy your favorite books, or just not very expensive cute items. I’m saying it to you because you deserve to be happy and YOLO (you only live once).

 Ideas from my next gifts to myself :
Black Glasses Print Drawstring Hooded Pocket SweatshirtBlack Coffee Cup Letters Print Striped Sweatshirt


I personally love sweatshirts and comfy sweaters very much. I hope you do too.

By the way, I love you and very thankful for reading my posts, and I really hope my little-known tips helped you even a little. If it did, please let me know.



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