How to study more effectively


Hello Lovely!,

After a long time of studying, you don’t see any effective result. And studying effectively sucks. Do you know how to study more effectively than just pretending to study and no arbitrary?

I have that answer.

Let’s start our adventure with this weird but accurate quote :

Sometimes you need to be irresponsible with your current challenges in order to make real progress on your future self.

This dazzling quote altered the way I observe the life as realizing the real aspiration of mine. Life consists of a variety of challenges which makes us tougher and wiser. We cannot pass through the life without studying and investing in ourselves. Therefore, what I’m trying to say is:

Redefine your goal

A Living is pointless when you don’t have goals for your life even they are minuscule things like having a life-long relationship or learning to dance. Have an incongruous and brilliant goals which are durable in your life. Don’t let your goals be diaphanous as glass. It must be concrete and lustrous as a stone and sun. Don’t just dream about it every night, work for it, push you up, pump you up, motivate yourself, and keep trying. If you don’t make your goals real, you will have a bulk remorse in your life. See your goals every day, make them your rivals. Compare yourself to your previous self.

Don’t wait for motivation

Waiting for motivation. It reminds me the high-school me. A lazy girl who always waits for the motivation come up for her and push her up to study and work for her goals. Did the motivation notice the girl, and came? Nope. Motivation isn’t a thing that comes to you and inspires you, it’s a thing that hides inwardly. You are the one who can fire up the motivation and be your fuel to work. Don’t wait. You’re hungry, you’re tired, you’re lazy, you wanna scroll down the facebook feed, you have no interest in solving the math, you just literally hate school, you’re more interested in Instagram, even. All the fake reasons that pull you back. Nonetheless; if you keep waiting for the motivation, it’ll never happen to you, girl.

Find something that is capable of being your motivational fountainhead. Such as enchanting books, your dazzling dream house, or your elegant high heels, or anything. Well, mine is just books, my lovely notebooks, planners, and my comfy sweater. Plus, don’t you dare to forget coffee!. You can use all of em’ to motivate yourself.


Try new methods

Trying your current study method again, and again will make you tedious and turn your motivation off. Therefore, try to change your study methods constantly, literally; make your studying habit more fun. If you memorize vocabulary using “writing method”, then try to “make flashcards or use color pens”.  There are a variety of methods to inspire yourself and alter your study lifestyle.

Nonetheless, some of studying methods don’t work for you of your distinctive studying habit. Some students’ studying methods depart from others’ so that you can find the right one for you. The best way to find your ironic studying method, try all of the methods. I tried listening, visual, speaking and usage methods to memorize vocabulary. The “usage method” worked better for me. So I use this method constantly to make effective studying habit.

Change your study areas

Study environment matters a lot. Music, back round noise, comfort, lighting, smells and other people. Albeit you don’t really tend to notice those all of the things while studying, it impacts your studying pretty deeply. I get bored easily when I study in the same circumstance repeatedly like my room, in the school library or at the library. Therefore, you should change your study environment constantly to won’t let you bored and concentrate on your study as having a little fun 😉

pinterest: bellaxlovee ✧☾:

There are plenty of places to study. From my suggestion, it can be at the library, coffee shop, your room, park, your friend’s home, a classroom, empty lecture hall, or on top of a building. Besides the best spots to study, you can make your cosmic study environment in your room .

Set aside current works

Do you remember the quote I mentioned above?

Sometimes you need to be irresponsible with your current challenges in order to make real progress on your future self.

OMG, I am in love with this quote real goal. So sometimes you ought to forget, and set your emails, some trivial things aside and work for your future. What’s the benefit for your life, if you spend most of the time for just minutiae works.

Take a break from your social media and put your some of the works off to spend your time on your dream. You’ll thank for you sooner or later. What’s your real goal of your life? Are you ready to work for it?

Teach others

By teaching, we learn.

It’s a little baffling to be a teacher, but the result is incredible. From my own experience, I learned myriads of things from teaching, and how is that teaching can be a surprising efficient for learning. Because when we teach, we need to comprehend the subject we’re going to teach deeply and we need to analyze those in our mind, then finally consider how to let your students understand your lesson. After all of these activities and mind works, I cannot merely forget the subject I taught.

You can’t just stand there and lecture. You need to change your facial expression and be animated, share some jokes, tailor your message to your audience, and be personable. Even if you’re not a teacher, being able to do this will help you anytime you need to make a presentation or address a group of people.

Start with tiny subjects you want to learn and learn it deeply as you should become excelled at it. Ask your friends who’s interested in the same subject if he wants some teacher, or your little sister, your friends, your teacher, or your little toys.

Take a break and relax (reward)


Who says that life depends upon the studying? You need some time for enjoying, relaxing, release your brain with dense pressure and theories. Feel some exhilarating moments to save up for your next studying motivation. Enjoy your life as realizing why you’re working hard and for whom. Go to the vacation and spend time with your family, your parents. Go to the shopping to purchase some adorable school supplies and give it to you, once nobody will give it to you. Well, who’ll love you, if it’s not you?

buy this happiness planner for your studying as a reward 😉 I love using this planner as a planning, and importantly being happy. Instead of focusing on your productivity,it focuses on your happiness. Never hesitate to purchase it for your both happiness and productivity!  I’ve been using it for a year, and I become more positive and happier person;)  You won’t see its magic until you buy.

XOXO, ELODIE (1).png




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