How to study more effectively

Hello Lovely!, After a long time of studying, you don't see any effective result. And studying effectively sucks. Do you know how to study more effectively than just pretending to study and no arbitrary? I have that answer. Let's start our adventure with this weird but accurate quote : Sometimes you need to be irresponsible... Continue Reading →


How to stay organized in college

Hello, Lovely! Sometimes you can't find your notes and other supplies among your messy room or studying area. Sometimes you don't understand and become bewildered about what exactly are you studying? Also, being and studying in that kind of circumstances easily turn all of the motivation off. If this pictures your present situation, this post is... Continue Reading →

The best studying apps and tools

There are a ton of apps for studying, playing, watching, listening or helping to know when your period surprise you. Okay, I didn't suppose to write the last part, but yeah it's cool. Rather than having the addicting games, it's better that having pretty useful and cool studying apps which do you a favor to study more... Continue Reading →

Things Not to Do While Studying

I have been thinking about my first blog post for pretty long time, finally I decided to start with fresh, cool, and amazing new tips for you about things not to do while studying. Nowadays it's easy to distracted by myriad of things including facebook, tumblr and blahblahblah... if you can get over this, it... Continue Reading →

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