My absolute goal of writing Dreamy Twenty is helping all of your thrive in college as well as getting motivated. Not only college tips, but it’s all about productivity, health, creativity, and inspiration! So these are the resources which are incredibly beneficial for you. Every one of them is something I’ve used personally.


Grammarly – It’s the best tool to help you check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes faster. I added it to my chrome, so it can check my grammar errors whenever I post comments, writing emails and blog contents.

Quizlet – Great tool for making flashcards and memorizing on your phone. Albeit you can’t make whole flashcards, but there are tons of prepared flashcards for your studying.

Evernote – Note-taking app for organizing your classes and staying productive. You can make several helpful lists and create notebooks to distribute your notes!

The Edge Online – If you’re thinking about taking an ACT to get into best colleges, it’s the right place to go to! Many parents, students are using this site to improve their ACT score effectively, and affordably. Don’t hesitate to invest in your education.

Notability – It’s digital notebook app. I take down notes with it and I can also put marks and highlights them. It’s so effective when I am able to make illustrations, and highlighting in different colors.


Pocket – Pocket offers you much opportunity of saving the ideas and contents over the web. You will be able to save images, useful links and contents, information from the web every time. – I’m just obsessed with this website, service. I’m able to unsubscribe from emails with one click, literally saving so much time of me. 

Desktime – Find an eliminated wasted time, plan and edit your schedule, understand what’s happening at work, those all became available on desktime.




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